Hercules starring Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) was supposed to be a different take on the Hercules legend. Honestly the movies Hollywood pumps out about the Ancient Greek myths were getting tired. This movie successfully told a familiar story a different way, though with some familiar elements. I think the acting all around was very good. I thought the way they told the story was clever and it actually kept me guessing about a key point to the story while developing the characters well. I keep my reviews more vague so as not to give too much of the story away; that said, the battle scenes were awesome, and several supporting characters did a hell of a job! Ian McShane was actually my favorite character, but only just ahead of the Rock’s Hercules. Johnson played both serious and heroic, with flashes of his humor and a severe weight of sorrow he carried. (I liked seeing Rufus Sewell as a good guy; he plays the villain so well, he hasn’t been anything but for a very long time.) All in all I’m glad I took the time to watch this movie.

The Prince with Bruce Willis, John Cusack, and Jason Patrick is a typical action movie with a typical plot… Retired bad guy has to save his child and kill twenty billion bad guys. Bruce Willis was the villain (you can tell because he had a goatee), and I’ll say it… I like him more as a lead man than a supporting actor. There are some exceptions, but this movie was no Jackal and certainly no Siege! It’s tough having a bad guy that you actually feel bad for in this kind of shoot-em-up movie. Weird plot point, that. John Cusack was under used but did well enough considering he had little time to show his chops. Jason Patrick was actually pretty believable as the super skilled former bad guy. I’m just tired of this storyline. It’s been hit from every angle so many times that even a plot twist is blatantly obvious. The acting wasn’t horrible, and I think the prize goes to Jessica Lowndes best acting in the movie. Not a huge waste of time, but I would never seek to watch it again.

Neighbors, another Seth Rogen flick.. I’m sick of them, because they are all the same. Different characters, slightly different story, same exact type of jokes. The bounce-quick-lines-off-each-other-and-smoke-lots-of-weed routine has its moments but enough with these unrealistic, overblown pieces of shit that these people keep pumping out. A bright spot… Lisa Kudrow as the headmaster. I wish she had more time  onscreen. I’ll say this for the movie… It was better than This is the End.

A Million Ways to Die in the West, Seth MacFarlane’s attempt to act himself versus through a cartoon or a bear… Actually not so bad! I’ll ignore the fact that the super pale, Botox faced Seth does NOT resemble someone from the West, but maybe that was part of the joke! There was a lot of great and hilarious moments in this, and a couple AWESOME cameos. No hints! The cast was great. Everyone was irreverent and swearing and slipping in 21st century lingo whenever possible. I enjoyed it tremendously! All that said, I’m thinking that MacFarlane is going to turn into another Seth Rogen , making too many movies that become less and less funny over time!

Aaron. C of Man-Cestry


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